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The Most Detailed Rug Clean Ever…Or it’s FREE!!! That‘s right, if you don‘t feel our cleaning is the most detailed you have ever seen, we will clean it again for free. If for any reason you are still not pleased, we will refund all your money. What could be more fair?

Diamond Carpet Cleaning’s goal is to provide you with the most detailed clean ever and provide an exceptional client experience. Our processes go above and beyond the standards set by the IICRC and our team members are trained both in house and by professional cleaning schools to ensure we get the best results for you and your Rugs.

Thorough Steam Cleaning
After and Before Photo
Our Workshop

All of Our Cleaning Comes with…

  • Our 100% money back guarantee
  • A reminder call, email and or text 1-2 days before the clean
  • Our technicians will use corner protectors to protect your walls from our hoses
  • A Quality Assurance Call to ensure you are happy with the clean
  • One months Spot and Spill Insurance. If you spill anything on your freshly cleaned items in this time we can come back and clean it out for free!

Rug Cleaning – Our 8 Step Cleaning Process

Note: Rugs are have a large variety of materials and weaves… and we alter our cleaning process to suit your rugs condition, material and make.

  1. Inspection
    The first step is to thoroughly inspect the rug. We’ll check for any concerns like stains or weakness in the material. And we’ll let you know about the expected results.
  2. Vacuum
    Our technicians vacuum with a HEPA upright commercial vacuum that removes dust, hair and dry soiling form the Rug prior to the wet cleaning steps.
  3. Apply the Cleaning Agent
    We’ll spray the material with quality cleaning agent.
  4. Agitation
    The cleaning agent gets brushed into the fabric so that it suspends the soiling ready for removal.
  5. Steam Cleaning / Hot Water Extraction
    Hot water is injected into the fabric and then extracted out. This step removes the cleaning agent along with the soiling.
  6. Stain and Odour Removal Treatments (if necessary)
    If necessary we have specialist treatments for odour and stain removal.
  7. Rotary Dry Padding
    If possible we will rotary dry pad the rug. A bit like drying your hair with a towel. This step can also remove more soiling leaving it brighter.
  8. Final drying step – Fans
    High speed fans are used to help the Rug dry.

Making Your Rug Clean Happen
At Your Home Or At Our Workshop

Cleaning Your Rugs At Your Home

  • While we can clean almost all rugs at your home, rugs that are water damaged, or have urine or odour concerns are best cleaned in our workshop.
  • Cleaning at your home will save you the hassle of bringing the rugs to us but because we are travelling to you the minimum charge is $179.
  • You could book a Free audit/quote at a separate time to the cleaning so that you know exactly how much it will be or you can book a quote and clean at the same time and we would let you know the price before we go ahead with the clean.

Cleaning Your Rugs At Our Workshop

  • While we can clean any of your rugs at our workshop. It is recommended for rugs that are water damaged or have urine or odour concerns.
  • As we won’t be travelling to your home the minimum charge at our workshop is $100.
  • We can do pick up and drop off if needed. The typical cost for this is $30.
  • Our workshop is located at 25 Stanley Street, Rockhampton. There is almost always someone there from 8:00am to 4:00pm each day but it is best to call ahead before coming just to make sure.
    Phone 07 4926 3782.

Call us on (07) 4926 3782

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*An Audit is more than a price quote. It is when one of our technicians come to your home and inspect your home. They will go through your concerns and answer any questions you have. They will let you know what kind of results to expect and of course give you a written price for the service. Fill out your details above and one of our friendly team will contact you. 

Available in Rockhampton, Gracemere, Yeppoon, Emu Park and surrounding areas.

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The Most Detailed Clean Ever…Or It’s FREE!!!


You will get, The Most Detailed Clean Ever…
Or it’s FREE!

If for some reason you are not happy with the clean, we will return and clean it again for free.

If you are still not happy, we will refund all of your money.


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