Carpet & Upholstery Protection

Carpet & upholstery are expensive investments. It makes sense that you would want to look after and care for these investments and ensure their appearance stays looking like new for a long time.

Regular maintenance cleaning is the first step in keeping your carpet and upholstery looking like new. The 2nd step is investing in carpet and upholstery protection. Carpet and upholstery protection can assist in prolonging the life of your carpet and upholstery in 2 main ways:


  1. Prevents ‘Uglying out’
  2. Protect from spills, stains, & soiling

Preventing “Uglying Out”

The average carpet is replaced every twelve years, even though it begins to show signs of poor care after only three to five years. The carpet industry refers to this as ‘Uglying Out (notice they don’t call it “Wearing Out”).

This condition typically affects areas called traffic lanes and in front of the furniture first, causing these areas to look dull and soiled.
But why do carpets “Ugly Out” before they wear out? To answer that, we need to take a closer look at what brand new carpet fibres look like when they arrive from the mill and what happens to the fibres over time.

This is what your carpet fibres look like when they’re fresh and new and just arrived from the mill. You can see that they’re shielded with a protective carpet fibre coating.

Over time, foot traffic on your carpet causes soil to become ground in and trapped in your carpet’s fibres. To the naked eye, dirt has a smooth look to it. But under a microscope, soil is revealed to be an abrasive with sharp, jagged edges.

All of this soil acts like tiny saws, cutting into the protector, exposing and damaging the delicate fibres. Now exposed, spills and soil can penetrate deep into the heart of your carpet. This causes your carpets to “Ugly Out” faster. It can also expose the fibres to the possibility of permanent staining eventually leading it to wear out.

The solution is to renew your carpet protection. Renewing carpet protection after each cleaning reinforces your carpet’s original factory protectant. Spills will become easier to remove and vacuuming will be much more effective. Most importantly, your carpet will look better for much longer than it would with just the original protectant alone. That’s why most carpet manufacturers recommend renewing carpet protection after each cleaning.

Protects from Spills, Stains & Soiling

Let’s face it.. .Life happens and at one time or another spills are bound to happen. And the likelihood and frequency increases when you have pets and kids. If your carpet or lounge suites are not protected, the fibres will absorb the spill often making the stain permanent. Even the best professional carpet cleaners can’t remove every stain (although we try our best).

Carpet that has had carpet protection applied prevents the spill from being absorbed into the fibre. This is because the coating repels liquid Instead of being absorbed by the fibre, liquid spilt on protected carpet beads or falls in between the fibres. This gives you a window of time to clean up the spill. Most spills treated immediately will come out.

The carpet protection coating also makes it hard for soil particles to stick to the fibres. The dirt is held loosely around the carpet fibres making them easier to vacuum out. Because dirt does not stick to the fabric, vacuuming becomes more effective. When vacuuming untreated fabrics (with a normal vacuum cleaner) only 60% of the dirt is removed, the other 40% builds up in the fabric. When they are treated with a fabric protection up to an extra 40% of the dirt is vacuumed away which makes your carpets appear cleaner and remain like new for longer.

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