Residential Carpet Cleaning

The Most Detailed Carpet Clean Ever…Or it’s FREE!!!

That‘s right, if you don‘t feel our cleaning is the most detailed you have ever seen, we will clean it again for free. If for any reason you are still not pleased, we will refund all your money. What could be more fair?

Residential Carpet Cleaning
Deluxe 8-Step Cleaning Process

1. Carpet Audit
A Carpet Audit is a detailed inspection of your carpets which includes measuring the carpets, checking for any concerns, fibre identification and a complete spot and stain survey. We’ll let you know what results to expect and give you a written price for the clean.

2. Vacuum
Our technicians vacuum with a HEPA upright commercial vacuum that removes any dry soil that is loose. If this soil is not removed, it becomes mud when hot water extraction is performed. As the mud dries, it forms clumps of dirt that grind your carpet fibres causing damage and shortening the life of your carpet instead of lengthening it and can actually cause the carpets to look dirtier than before we cleaned it.

3. Pre-spray of Detergent
We pre-spray and pre-spot the carpets with our detergent with heat. The pre-spray will assist in removing many stains and spots without additional treatment. However, stubborn spots or stains that are not removed in the normal cleaning process such as blu tac, red wine, cordial, juices, paint and pet urine may require additional treatment and will attract an addition charge.

4. Rotary Jet Steam Extraction
Most carpet cleaners use the old manual scrub wand method that has been around for over 40 years. Using a manual wand only cleans from two directions, often producing only mediocre results. DCC use rotary jet extraction that thoroughly deep cleans the carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes, leaving your carpets much cleaner. Rotary jet steam extraction removes many common carpet stains and also rinses out all of the soil and detergent.

5. Deodorise and neutralise the carpet
This step ensures there is no sticky residue.

6. Dry the carpets with rotary drying pads
This leaves your carpets much drier and up to 20% brighter.

7. Groom your carpet
This gets rid of any cleaning marks and helps in the drying process.

8. Final drying step
Blowers are strategically placed to create air movement across your carpets and complete any extra drying that the carpets need.

Optional Extras

  • Furniture moving
  • Carpet Protection re-applied


  • Dry in 1-3 hours of us leaving your home so you can get back to your normal routines.
  • Spot and Spill Insurance. If someone should accidentally track dirt, spill something on your fresh clean carpets or a spot returns, we will remove the spot or spill for FREE. The Spot and Spill insurance is extended to 6 months for all carpets that have carpet protection reapplied.

Diamond Carpet Cleaning’s goal is to provide you with the most detailed carpet clean ever while providing an exceptional client experience. Our processes go above and beyond the standards set by the IICRC and our team members are trained both in house and by professional carpet cleaning schools to ensure we get the best results for you and your carpet. All of our carpet cleaning packages come with:

  • Our 100% money back guarantee
  • A reminder call, email and/or text 1-2 days before the clean
  • Our technicians will use corner protectors to protect your walls from our hoses
  • A Quality Assurance Call to ensure you are happy with the clean

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Available in Rockhampton, Gracemere, Yeppoon, Emu Park and surrounding areas.

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The Most Detailed Clean Ever…Or It’s FREE!!!


You will get, The Most Detailed Clean Ever…
Or it’s FREE!

If for some reason you are not happy with the clean, we will return and clean it again for free.

If you are still not happy, we will refund all of your money.


Pre-Clean Carpet Audit


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Free Spot & Spill Insurance